Mission: To help companies and entrepreneurs to identify challenging and sustainable business goals and support them in their achievement.

Vision: To be an amazing, multicultural, and international consulting firm, with a key role in the development of innovative ventures through stakeholders’ engagement strategies and mutual benefit approach.      


🙌 Integrity: PRISMAS respects others’ beliefs and rights. This also implies that PRISMAS will not be involved in unethical behaviours. PRISMAS honours integrity by promoting actions which contribute to the solution of problems in society and environmental respect.

🤝 Collaboration: PRISMAS’ team members honour collaboration by supporting one another, regardless of whether it is a collaborator or another stakeholder. We do it by sharing the ownership of the outcome, which implies holding a collective approach to the fulfilment of the goal.

🏆 Excellence: The business consulting market is highly competitive. Therefore, firms are forced to deliver high value to their customers. Besides, their brand awareness depends on word-of-mouth referrals from customers. Hence, the PRISMAS team must keep well trained and take advantage of the cutting-edge technology and knowledge to stay competitive in the market. This implies that the PRISMAS team must hold learning willingness.

⚖️ Win-win approach: At PRISMAS, we are aware of the different stakeholders which participate in a business ecosystem. Thus, when a problem or a challenge arises, we focus on solutions based on Pareto improvement criteria. This is when a change in the allocation of goods harms no one and benefits at least one stakeholder. This implies consideration for others, even those who are silent stakeholders.

♻️ Sustainability: PRISMAS is a long-term oriented firm. This means that its actions, the relationship with its stakeholders, and the recommendations to our customers are being analysed beyond the usual short-term periods. This implies respect to future generations.

💡 Endeavour: PRISMAS’ consulting services are strongly related to entrepreneurship. Hence, we consider ourselves entrepreneurs, and we push PRISMAS’ stakeholders to thrive by “bootstrapping” their own business and personal ventures. This means taking initiative, developing risk-tolerance, and losing the fear of failure. Simply put, stepping outside their own comfort-zone.